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Innovative, but true to tradition

Professionalism, seriousness and reliability are the values that distinguish us the most. For this reason, we have been among the leaders in the field of agriculture and frozen food production for more than 50 years. Our recipes combine traditional flavors and respect for ingredients with creativity and innovation, thus creating a high-quality offer targeting all sales channels.

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Integrated horticultural supply chain

Using sustainable agricultural practices and modern technologies, our production chain allows us to use only high-quality raw materials.

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Research and Development

With the help of star chefs, our researchers experiment with new recipes and innovative techniques every day, but always with full respect for traditions.

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Production process

We have more than 15 production lines, with which we are able to respond promptly and effectively to every new market trend.

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Private label

More than 80 companies in the Retail channel have already chosen us as their partner of choice in MDD products. With our production lines we offer a totally tailor-made service that responds to market demands with flexibility, quality and variety of raw materials.

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Semi-finished and processed products

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We believe in finding a balance between technological innovation and responsibility towards the people and the environment. Our commitment to protect the planet and future generations starts from this premise.

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Energy Efficiency

Our trigeneration power plant produces electricity, heating and cooling. We also strive to achieve zero-emission energy independence by expanding photovoltaic panels.

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Product focus

The company's proximity to cultivated fields and the immediate post-harvest processing and freezing allow us to reduce emissions and obtain products with high nutritional value.

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Sustainable packaging

We use sustainable materials, so we offer our Private Label customers the opportunity to stand out on the market even with recyclable packaging which meets the regulations of the countries they belong to.

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Scrap Recovery

We recycle waste from the entire production process in bioenergy production and in animal husbandry. Our plants are also designed to avoid food waste.

Certifications and awards

Our quality system is certified according to the BRC (British Retail Consortium) and IFS (International Featured Standards) international standards for the safety of agri-food products. In this way, we can guarantee consumers the effective and constant control of raw materials and production techniques, the maintenance of the plant and the observance of the necessary safety regulations.

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