Why Choose Gias


The location of our production plants is determined by the availability and quality of raw materials. 

Made in Italy

We only use locally sourced products, processed just a few steps away from the harvesting locations. 

Innovation in Cuisine

Our range includes bio, gluten-free, vegan, and ‘rich in’ products, showcasing our commitment to culinary innovation. 

✱ Time to market

We excel in designing production phases and optimizing delivery times

Sustainable and Zero-Waste Packaging

We offer eco-friendly and design-driven solutions, including bags, trays, trays, cartons, and displays in various sizes and weights.


Our quality is certified according to high international standards

Tailored Products for Retail

Natural Vegetables

A wide range of vegetables processed a few hours after harvest to preserve all nutritional and organoleptic properties.

Grilled Vegetables

Selected, washed, and cooked to be ready for use. Excellent as side dishes or to create new and delicious recipes.

Recipe Vegetables

Made with selected raw materials, perfect as main courses or accompaniments for your second courses.

First Courses

Traditional Italian recipes combined with proposals revisited by our chefs, to be enjoyed in minutes.

Second Courses

Only carefully selected meat and fish, enriched with first-choice vegetables or tasty cereals.

Velvety and Soups

Creamy, simple, and genuine! Ready to be enjoyed hot or cold, ideal for preparing nutritious and balanced dishes.


System Management

Traceability System

Agri-food Safety Standards

Integrated Production System

International Quality and Safety Standards

IT BIO 012

Organic Production Certificate

Industrial Group of Frozen Foods
Mongrassano Stazione
87040 – Cosenza, Italy

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