Perched on a charming hill, the Gias Corporate Museum recounts over 50 years of entrepreneurial history of the Tenuta family. A visionary journey marked by passion, hard work, culture, tradition, and innovation, deeply rooted in the heart of Calabria.

The museum employs an innovative language based on the combination of objects and digital technologies. Touch stations, video projections, traditional exhibits, conference rooms, workshops, and a space for tastings and show cooking are all part of the experience.



The Gias Experience Corporate Museum offers an outdoor area integrated with the landscape and the territory the company intimately depends on, as well as an indoor exhibition. Outside, historical machinery is displayed, and spaces are available for workshops, artistic performances, and conferences. The immersive visit takes place inside the farmhouse, in a physical and virtual journey through the history of the company, the territory, and the people who made it great. A digital exhibition dedicated to the company’s founder, Antonio Tenuta, and various themes such as environmental and territorial respect, the history of freezing and frozen products, healthy eating, sustainability, business management, and internationalization is a permanent feature.



ROOM 1 | Visitors will immediately enter the heart of the narration and the company, witnessing the screening of a film dedicated to Antonio Tenuta’s experience and his family in the Calabrian territory. The themes of the first screening will be explained later through digital content and the display of documentary materials.

ROOM 2 | Room 2 | Gias’ great innovation is tomato freezing (1974), but the first refrigerated warehouse for frozen product storage dates back to 1970. A brief storytelling with animated images will tell visitors about the freezing technique, initially with snow sold in markets and streets, leading to the company’s patent for peeling in a cold environment. At the end of the explanation, the visitor can interact with the icy wall.

ROOM 3 | A room with playful content that, however, does not forget the rigor of research and educational mission. The touch table will allow for a playful but educational experience with games on the theme of harvesting and processing products, starting from the seasons’ cycle and the tools and processing methods that visitors will have to guess to win.

ROOM 4 | A large wall print will allow visitors to understand the spread of products from the Calabrian territory thanks to the Gias company. It displays the places where the company is present and where Antonio Tenuta’s patent has been adopted. Visitors can also select a series of insights into the company yesterday and today.

SALA 5 | The multifunctional area is intended for educational activities, show cooking, conferences, and other events.



Aware of the cultural and social role of the museum and its function as a driver for local economic development, Gias, through its Corporate Museum, offers a diverse audience educational and training activity, such as PCTO, following the Museimpresa association’s guidelines to which Gias is affiliated. Among the proposals are workshops for school groups and families, training activities for high school and university students, and projects for the development of active citizenship in line with the goals of the 2030 agenda.



Monday, Wednesday, and Friday | 10 am – 6 pm



3 euros per person



Gias Experience – Corporate Museum

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