Grilled vegetable

Grilled Zucchini

Grown and grilled in Italy
Grilled Zucchini - Photo
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Packaging e tagli

This product is available in different sizes for the Industry, Catering and Retail sectors.

Industry: Immediately available 7 kg cartons

Catering: Immediately available 1 kg packaging

Retail: Immediately available 450g packaging

Available in different package sizes

Il meglio delle materie prime

Zucchini is an ideal vegetable for low-calorie diets or for those who want to keep it light, very rich in potassium, refreshing and easy to digest. Our zucchini grown exclusively in Italy are the result of careful selection and research to offer an excellent product. Grilling ensures that the nutritional properties of the vegetable remain unaltered, so we offer a healthy, tasty and low-fat product.

Cuts available: cubes, chunks, slices, rounds, sticks.

  • Raw material by industry
  • Various cutting formats
  • Biological
  • Conventional
  • Vegan

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