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Traceability - Photo

The location of production facilities is dictated by the availability and quality of raw materials.

Made in Italy - Photo
Made in Italy

We use only local products, entirely processed in Italy, a few steps from the collection points.

Eco-friendly - Photo

We use sustainable packaging and avoid waste by perfecting internal processing procedures.

Time to market - Photo
Time to market

We are experts in planning the different production phases to optimize production and delivery times.

Tailor-made products for mass retailers

Natural Vegetables - Photo
Natural Vegetables

A wide range of vegetables processed a few hours after harvest to preserve their nutritional and sensory properties.

Grilled vegetables - Photo
Grilled vegetables

Selected, washed and cooked to be ready to immediate use. Excellent as side dishes or for creating new and delicious recipes.

Vegetable Recipes - Photo
Vegetable Recipes

Made from carefully selected ingredients, they are perfect as a side dish or as an accompaniment to your main dish.

First courses. - Photo
First courses.

Traditional Italian recipes combined with our chefs' revisited proposals, to be enjoyed in minutes.

Main courses - Photo
Main courses

Only carefully selected meat and fish, enriched with the finest vegetables or tasty grains.

Creams and Soups - Photo
Creams and Soups

Creamy, simple and genuine! Ready to enjoy hot or cold and ideal for making nutritious and balanced dishes.

Types of Packaging

A wide variety of product packaging formats in order to meet all of our customers' needs.

Envelope - Photo

Pillow, stand-up, flow pack or zipper pack

Tub - Photo

Rectangular or circular

Tray - Photo

Single or multi-pack

Cardboard and displays - Photo
Cardboard and displays

Ideal for freezer counter



ISO90001: Management system
UNI EN ISO 22005:2008: Traceability system
BRC GLOBAL STANDARD: Food safety standard
UNI 1133:2009: Integrated production system


IFS FOOD STANDARD: International quality and safety standard
IT BIO 012: Organic production certificate

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