Our History

Passion and innovation

An Italian story of passion for quality

The history of Gias is illuminated by the thought of its founder, Antonio Tenuta. The path of vision, passion and innovation that has led the company to achieve excellence in frozen food manufacturing from the 70s to today. 

“I read that an old master said: something extraordinary can happen at any time, even in a hut in the middle of the desert. It’s enough if you can see it.” 

Antonio Tenuta


GIAT (Gruppo Industrie Alimentari Tenuta) was born in 1970 for the storage of frozen products. Through the Survel (freezing of vegetables and legumes) Antonio Tenuta creates the process of freezing and peeling of the tomato. In 1977 the innovative transformation technique was patented and recognized in many countries of the world (USA, Northern Europe, Japan, Israel and Sudan).


Begins the period that celebrates the close relationship between the company and the territory. With the birth of the agricultural cooperative Cotrapa 2000 and from the collaboration between Antonio Tenuta and Findus are born the grilled and frozen Mediterranean vegetables were born: a revolution for the market.


The company becomes a strategic partner in the frozen food sector. Starts the production of grilled vegetables (still today the company's top product), bringing traditional flavors and ingredients to Italian tables. With the birth of the brand “Il Mediterraneo a tavola”, the company extends its offer not only to large industries but also to the catering and retail sectors, with specialties of the Mediterranean diet as side dishes, main courses, soups and first courses.


In 2000 from the union of Giat and Survel Gias was born. In the following years the company begins the production process of low temperature cooked vegetables and the brands “Voglia di gusto” and “Come una volta” were introduced. The offer is expanded thanks to new production methods with the introduction of a line for steaming vegetables that enhances local crops such as Calabrian broccoli, asparagus and Tropea red onion.


Gias represents today an important point of reference for many private labels and leading brands in the retail sector, thanks to the ability to develop new proposals while always maintaining high levels of quality and reliability. Product and process innovation and the ability to respond promptly to market demands are the crucial aspects that have always defined our company.

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Want to learn more about our history?

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